Board of Directors Nominations

Please nominate a qualified member (you may nominate yourself) who you feel would best represent you in the various offices and return your nominations to.
As per the Chapter By-Laws, you must be an active member of National AAHAM for at least 1 year, and your dues must be up to date.

Please submit your ballot no later than 08/20/2021


Article VIII- Powers & Duties of Officers
The officers of the Chapter shall be proposed by the Nomination Committee. Only members shall be qualified to hold office.
The powers and duties of these officers shall be as follows:

  1. President: Shall preside at all general membership meetings and at meetings of the Executive Committee. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, standing and special, except the Nominating Committee. He/she shall call meetings, execute policy and provide leadership to the members of the chapter. He/she shall consult with the Executive Committee and with the Board of Directors and keep them fully informed so the programs and activities of the chapter may be coordinated and accomplished. He/she shall submit the Annual Operations Report to National on or before March 31st. He/she shall strive during his/her term of office to guide the Chapter so as to meet the objectives outlined in the Chapter’s Constitution.
  2. First Vice-President: Shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence and is the officer in charge of Chapter development and membership recruitment.
  3. Second Vice-President: Shall be responsible for education and program development. He/she shall perform the duties of the First Vice- President’s absence.
  4. Treasurer: shall be responsible for all monies of the Chapter and for all income and disbursement of these monies due and payable to the Chapter. He/she may reimburse approved expenses for business of the Chapter subject to audit by the Executive Committee. He/she shall be bonded. He/she shall be responsible for financial reporting, yearly 990 IRS filing, budget and audits.

Article VIII-Power and Duties of the Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of two (2) duly elected members and the immediate Past President of the Chapter, who shall be Chairman of the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of each Board member to attend all Board meetings, the annual meeting and all special meetings. Each Board member shall have the power to designate, in writing, a proxy in his/her stead to attend and vote at any Board meeting.
  2. In the event the immediate Past President cannot serve as Chairman, the Board shall elect any Past President to serve as Chairman. In the further event there are no Past Presidents available to serve as Chairman of the Board, the Executive Committee shall appoint on one of their members to complete the term.
  3. The duties of the Board shall be to establish policy and the programs of the Western Reserve Chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, which policy and programs shall be carried out by the Executive committee.
  4. Elected board members will serve on either a committee of their choice or as designated by the President as needed. Suggested committees follow, however may be reassigned or changed based on the needs of the Chapter.